Job-Killing, Pro-Discrimination Laws

Discrimination is bad for business. Discriminatory policies make it harder to attract businesses and talent to communities, hurting job growth and our economy.

But Greg Gianforte has been the leader of a pro-discrimination campaign in Montana that tries to force his narrow agenda on our communities.

Gianforte has put his time and his money into fighting against Non-Discrimination Ordinances and for Indiana-style discrimination laws in Montana. Montanans deserve someone who will fight for all of us, not just some of us.

Greg Gianforte’s agenda is wrong for Montana businesses and families.

  • FINACIALLY BACKED GROUP THAT LOBBIED FOR “INDIANA STYLE” MONTANA RELIGIOUS FREEDOM LAW. In 2015, the Gianforte backed Montana Family Foundation lobbied the state legislature in support of the Montana Religious Freedom Restoration Act. (Bozeman Daily Chronicle, 3/25/15; Bozeman Daily Chronicle,3/17/15)
  • ADVOCATED TO ALLOW ORGANIZATIONS TO DENY EMPLOYMENT BASED ON THEIR BELIEFS. Gianforte advocated for the right of religious organizations to ‘make employment decisions consistent with their faith’ and argued that businesses would locate to cities “that aren’t friendly to homosexuals.’ (National Journal, 4/13/15)
  • LED THE FIGHT AGAINST THE BOZEMAN NON-DISCRMINATION ORDINANCE. Gianforte and his wife, Susan Gianforte, led the fight against the Bozeman non-discrimination ordinance. (Bozeman Daily Chronicle, 5/12/14])
  • FUNDED GROUP THAT HELPED PASS INDIANA’S DISCRIMINATION LAW. Gianforte gave $108,500 to the Alliance Defense Fund that worked with the Indiana Family Institute to help legislators draft the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act. (Guidestar, Gianforte Family Charitable Trust, accessed 6/03/15; Alliance Defending Freedom, 4/01/15)
  • COMPANIES CRITICIZED AND CANCELED PROGRAMS IN INDIANA AFTER DISCRIMINATION LAW PASSED. In a Washington Post op-ed, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, slammed religious freedom laws as bad for businesses and that these bills “truly will hurt jobs, growth and the economic vibrancy of the country.” The tech company, canceled programs to send customers or employers to Indiana after the religious freedom law passed. (Indy Star, 4/2/15; Washington Post, 3/29/15)

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