Privatizing Education

Greg Gianforte spearheaded the school privatization movement in Montana that would take away money from our public schools and put it towards for profit private schools, even financing operations that seek to do just that. Montana’s schools and our communities can’t afford Greg Gianforte.

Greg Gianforte’s agenda is wrong for Montana schools.

  • MONTANA FAMILY FOUNDATION WITH THE SUPPORT OF GIANFORTES LED THE CHARGE TO USE TAX DOLLARS FOR PRIVATE SCHOOLS. The Gianforte Family Charitable Trust is one of Montana Family Foundation’s largest donors with Susan Gianforte serving as a board member. According to the Billings Gazette, the Montana Family Foundation has lobbied for several bills in the legislature that would take money from public schools and put it towards for profit charter or private schools. (Billings Gazette, 3/18/15; Montana Family Foundation lobbying disclosures: 4/16/15; 4/15/13; 5/27/11; 4/14/09)
  • BACKED DC WRITTEN LEGISLATION THAT WOULD TAKE MONEY FROM PUBLIC SCHOOLS AND CREATE CHARTER SCHOOLS. In 2013, the Gianforte backed Montana Family Foundation lobbied for legislation that would create public charter schools with money taken from K-12 BASE Aid payments. The bill was written by the DC-based National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. (HB 315; Montana Family Foundation lobbying disclosure, 4/15/13; Billings Gazette, 2/11/13)
  • FUNDED OUTSIDE INTEREST GROUPS THAT ADVOCATE FOR SCHOOL PRIVITIZATION. Gianforte has given thousands of dollars to the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, the Heritage Foundation and Americans for Prosperity that advocate to take money from public schools and give it toward charter or private schools. (Gianforte Family Charitable Trust IRS 990 via;, accessed 6/17/15; Americans for Prosperity, accessed 6/17/15;, 8/30/10)

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