Retirement and Social Security

Security as their sole source of income. However, Greg Gianforte has gained national attention for his comments demeaning those who are “cashing Social Security checks” and saying that seniors have an “obligation to work.”

This sentiment isn’t surprising coming from someone who has invested tens of thousands of dollars with groups that seek to end Social Security as we know it because Greg Gianforte wants to advance his own narrow agenda over the interests of Montana seniors.

Greg Gianforte’s agenda is wrong for Montana seniors.

  • CRITICIZED SENIORS FOR CASHING SOCIAL SECURITY CHECKS: Gianforte criticized seniors for cashing Social Security checks saying Noah lived to 600 and the “concept of retirement is not biblical.” (Fox News Radio, 6/12/15)
  • FUNDED DC BASED GROUP ADVOCATING TO PRIVATIZE SOCIAL SECURITY AND RAISE RETIREMENT AGE. Gianforte funded the DC-based Heritage Foundation that advocated privatizing Social Security, ending the spousal benefit in Social Security and raising the retirement age. (Gianforte Family Charitable Trust IRS 990 via; Heritage Foundation, 4/23/97; Financial Advisor, 5/21/14;, 11/22/10)
  • GAVE MONEY TO AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY THAT CALLED FOR PRIVATIZING SOCIAL SECURITY AND RASING RETIREMENT AGE. Gianforte gave money to the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity that called for privatizing Social Security and raising the Social Security eligibility age. (Gianforte Family Charitable Trust 2013 IRS 990 via; Americans for Prosperity Budget Reform, 4/2014)
  • CONTRIBUTED THOUSANDS TO WASHINGTON POLICY CENTER THAT PUSHED STATES TO OPT OUT OF SOCIAL SECURITY. Gianforte contributed thousands to the Washington Policy Center that advocated for personal retirement accounts and pushed states to opt out of Social Security in favor of a free-market alternative. (Gianforte Family Charitable Trust IRS 990 via; Washington Policy Center, 9/2002, 6/2005; Washington Policy Center, 5/1998)


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